About Investicare

Based in Calgary, AB, Investicare Seniors Housing Corp. develops, operates and manages "Supportive Living" Seniors Lifestyle Properties in Western Canada. We proudly provide an exceptional quality of life for our residents — who implicitly trust us to maintain the highest level of care and an independent and fulfilling lifestyle. We honour that trust by establishing attractive, comfortable residences, superior dining experiences, progressive wellness services, and a helpful, compassionate staff.

Investicare Supportive Living Seniors Housing

Investicare endeavours to understand the demographic trends and lifestyle demands of our aging population. Those who make their home in our Supportive Living Seniors Housing know firsthand the advantages of living in an all-inclusive care-free environment. Providing attractive lifestyle choices to a maturing population, Investicare designs and operates properties that ensure ready access to all the services and amenities our elderly residents require — while they continue enjoying life as active members of the community. Simply put, Investicare’s residents have chosen to be well taken care of.